These female students, whom we like to call Scholars, are our inspiration for doing what we do! Through their participation in Bosh Bosh, We offer them specific knowledge through seminars and workshops that deal on central issues such as: Health, Family Planning, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Life Skills and Female Rights. Bosh Bosh also helps to motivate and encourage our scholars to stay in school by offering them full school scholarships,  advising and tutoring.

Production Team

Our Bosh Bosh Production Team, composed of females and 1 male, is a team of survivors! Survivors of the civil war that ravaged Liberia from 1990-2003, many on our Production Team were born outside of Salala, but walked to Salala during the war where a refugee camp had been set up. Now they work to start a new life for themselves and their children in Salala. Through Bosh Bosh, they are not only learning the trade of sewing (traditionally a trade reserved for men in Liberia), but they have the opportunity to attend school for the first time in their life. Their stories are powerful and we are proud to call them part of our Team!

Our production space is open every weekday from 8am to 5:30pm except for non-working holidays when it remains closed.  On working holidays, production team members are paid double for their time.   Special workshops and assemblies also occur during school hours so as to maintain the Bosh Bosh goal of well-rounded development of the team.

Meet the Production Team

Education Team

This fantastic Team, composed of 2 female teachers,  recruited as mentors, teaches and tutors all members of the organization. As part of our Team they also benefit from Teacher Training and Capacity Building Workshops.

Meet the Education Team

Star Program

As of February 2014 Bosh Bosh initiated a new program called The Star Program. This program promotes social entrepreneurship and community service. Scholars meet throughout the week to hand stitch traditional Liberian Stars; we like to call them “Bosh Bosh Stars”. When a star is sold, 60% of the sale goes towards a fund that is eventually used to meet a need the girls have identified within the community. This opportunity for community service, almost non-existent throughout Liberia, provides our Scholars with the invaluable experience of becoming a leader, and being seen as a leader within their community as well as gaining a clearer understanding of community infrastructure development and need.

When they are older and become elders in their given communities, this experience will have undoubtedly shaped their lives for the better and contributed to the successes they will achieve. Through this program our scholars gain practical experience with project design, implementation and management. Additionally, one of our managers works with the scholars to provide coaching with money management, creative process brainstorming and teamwork through regular meetings.

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