Working together with other NGO’s and Co-ops

Other fabrics that are used are tie-dyed by another NGO in Liberia, and “Country Cloth” which is the traditional Liberian fabric, woven either by hand or on a loom out of various colors of cotton string.


Our current production team can produce anywhere from one to seven or eight bags a day, per person. The bags are designed by our Founder and CEO in collaboration with the Head Tailor.  Sometimes specific colors or lappas are selected for use in particular products. Once the tailors have proven a trustworthy eye for color theory, they choose their own lappas to be used in production. However, qualities of lappa are priced differently, therefore some are more carefully monitored in their use and selectivity.

Pedal Machines & Coal Fire Irons

Once the fabrics are selected our tailors sew the products on old-fashioned pedal machines and press using coal fire irons, as electric current is limited. After products are sewn, the quality control team checks each product, with the guidance of our Head of Sales and Production.


Each style of bag is named after a Scholar, team member or any person that has left an impact on the world.

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