About Us

FACE MASKS will be made available to purchase on Monday, April 13th.
Bosh Bosh is an ethical fashion brand and non-profit based in the United States that works directly with Bosh Bosh, Inc. an NGO in Liberia, West Africa and Baja California, Mexico. Bosh Bosh unites people from all over the world who believe poverty can be alleviated by empowering women and girls through education and economic development.

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What We Do

We use business and fashion to provide our members with vocational training, access to extra-curricular educational opportunities, scholarships, and employment.

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Meet The Crew


Meet the Girls Club where female students, whom we proudly call “Scholars,” learn vital life skills.


Bosh Bosh has created a multifaceted approach to growth, skill development, community connection, and self-empowerment. Meet our incredible Teams that make it all happen.

Artisan Collaborators

Our Bosh Bosh community includes incredible Liberian artisans and arts-based NGOs who are working to revive the country’s arts and crafts scene following Liberia’s devastating 14-year Civil War.

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